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As we know gates, fences or railing are installed outside, they are more vulnerable to different climate conditions like rain, bright light etc. They are going to be subject of bumps, rust, or corrosion at some point.

To prevent the metalworks from rust we provide undercoat/galvanize service at an additional cost. This process provides a coating shield to the metal to prevent it from the surrounding climate changes which causes rust. The process allows the base coat to bond to the bare steel and create a lifetime protective coating.

Without Under Coat/Galvanize
Without Under Coat/Galvanize Rusty gate
Under Coated Gate
Galvanized Fences

As we see all the Bridges, streetlights, railing, and fences are undercoated/galvanized by councils because these options are more economical in long run. It requires small additional cost, but metalworks can be prevented from rust which is far less expensive than installing the products without undercoat/galvanize.