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Bespoke Design

We have a wide range of gates, fences and designs that are available made to measure, you may well have something more specific in mind – that is where our Bespoke Design Service comes in.

If you have something different in mind and can provide us with a sketch, drawing or picture showing all the relevant dimensions of your bespoke design of gate requirements then we would be happy to take a look at and provide you with a personalized costing as well as any feedback about the gates – in some cases we may recommend altering certain aspects of the gate design for strength etc. To get price quotes, it is necessary to provide us with detail drawing of your design. More the details, more the better results.

Whether you need a pair of metal gates for the entrance to your property or a simple side gate, we can create something that will provide a solution to most requests. All the gates we build can be simple or decorative, Colour selected from our wide variety of paint options. Bespoke gates can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes. A bespoke gate is designed to fit the space perfectly. This also means there will not be any gaps between the gate and the fence, which increases security and aesthetic appeal.